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1 July 1982
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I am an Animist, I pay homage to the spirits of the wold and of certain creatures. By no means do I consider my self a shaman or a holy man of any type. My practice is my own and I will tell you about it If I think you would care or if you ask. I also believe in expressions of personal Will. If you care to ask I will explain but otherwise what ever.

Some call me the Red Bastard, not unlike the Red Baron (some have said I would kick his ass, I am not so sure). For many reasons I have been called this; my red beard, my Red Face, the fact that I am a total and complete bastard figuratively and literally. Other call me just Bastard or The Bastard. My my space has been referred to as Bastard Space and I suppose this would be my Bastard Journal.

Since I have made this journal I have really done nothing with it. I am not sure why I even made it anymore. I think it was to connect better with the woman I was dating at the time (now my wife). I think I will be reclaiming my journal for something productive, or may not so much but I will start using it again.

I have a good deal of complexities and a great deal of things that are very simple and understandable.

First off Loyalties; When someone says they are my friend and make the effort to make them selves useful, helpful, friendly and enjoyable to be around, claiming to be my friend I will most likely allow you to be my friend. But if you betray me I will fucking never talk well of you again, simple as that. You will never be treated with the respect I treat normal human beings, period.

Second Reliability; If you say you are going to do something but just fucken flake out on me you can just fuck off. I do not want to deal with flaky fucken people they just piss me off. Now calling with a reasonable excuse to not do what was said would be done is one thing, but just flaking out, no call no show is inexcusable. As well as repeated lack or reliability in general. If your not reliable don't come knocking on this door, I don't want to be let down by someone who is unreliable.

Third open mindedness; People who are close minded about shit will not like me. I am fairly open minded and open mouthed about things. I have friends from every walk of life, from hippies to skin heads, from elitists to unitarians. Some of my friends are hard core Christian do gooders others are evil as fuck. I don't care as long as you follow the two rules above and treat our friendship with respect and don't fuck with my friends, we can be cool. Otherwise shove off.

Oh yes Boobies make me happy (@)V(@) <------- YAY!