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(no subject) [Jul. 2nd, 2009|10:03 pm]
Life really has not gotten much better. Not sure what to do.
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Life and stuff [Apr. 29th, 2009|03:27 pm]
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So last year in may I lost my job at Wellons due to downsizing. This isn't the normal cutting chaff, it was a 3 tiered 90% of the workforce cutback. Out of 130 people 24 people work at the shop now, half of them are managers and the other half are those who stay on due to nepotism or cronyism. This was both a boon and a bane. One one hand I didn't work at the death factory anymore, I was not going to wear my bones down to dust and be a broken old man by the age of 40. On the other hand I lost income, insurance, security and all that jazz.

For a while I looked for jobs and I was totally unsuccessful. On unemployment for a while, got depressed, then I decided it was time to go back to school and figure something else out. First I needed my GED. I spent one summer in the Clark GED program and I passed the GED test with flying colors. All but one subject I got 90%+ above my peers on all the tests, effectively topping out the curve. This surprised me, considering all the drugs I did between the ages of 11 and 18, my brain still worked. Amazed me anyways.

So I failed to get my Fafsa turned in on time so I missed the fall term. So I plotted away at trying to get a job again. Getting up at 3 int he morning to stand in line at the Labor Ready office. Stood there for 2 months, never got a job. oh by the way did I mention that unemployment cut me off when they found out I was taking GED classes?! Lame right. So two months no income, no job, no school, nothing to do. Well Winter term rolls around and I am admitted to Clark College.

The Financial aid people were utter fucking morons. Stupid beyond compare but eventually 7 days before the start of spring term, I got my FA check. During the Winter term I spend a lot of time doing my homework. I am cutting bones here, grilling myself, making sure I pay attention in class, making sure I actually do the homework. I got Straight A's. Who would have known? I thought I was going to fail math...guess not.

Besides school we moved in another roommate, he is like a ghost. Even when he is here I only know because he appears on my chat program. The other room mate, the one we moved in first, is not doing so well, sometimes I worry about him. He thinks he's a failure but I think he just looks in the wrong places for meaning in life and lets really fucking unimportant shit clog up his mind all the time.

I am doing this crazy Camarilla Live Action Roleplaying game thing. Ya sounds weird, but it can be a lot of fun and really lame at the same time. I am pretty successful in pretend land of the Camarilla, I am in my second Term as DST (Domain level elected officer) and my First term as ARST (Assistant to elected Regional level officer). However the people in the house are all getting tired of the cam right as I get deeper in to it. This sucks on many fronts, S complains that I am doing to much, A wants to quit, E is apathetic and I am really tired of the stress from the attitudes of those around me. But whatever, I live on.

So life has been on the rocks lately, cold and slowly drowning me. But I'm fat, I can float. I just have to remember not to fall asleep.
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Mind of the Inscrutable Hydra [Apr. 12th, 2008|12:01 pm]
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[music |Silversun Pickups; Le disko]

Brick by brick I build this Wall,
One hundred Stories it is Tall,
Blood, Bone and Mortar Inscrutable,
This is My will and it Will Not Fall.
My Mantra, My Will, My Mind
With Unblinking Eyes I see,
All before me as true as can be,
Our Hunger unquenched,
With Wrym unleashed,
Un-tethered by our beast,
Its Mantra, Its Will and Its Mind
We are the Hydra, The Pillar and the Beast.
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Random. Update. Lifelike. [Jun. 18th, 2007|07:15 pm]
Life has had a few ups and downs...some memorable some not.

Sara and I got Married on the first of February (It is some pagan holiday Embolg I think its spelled.) Sara is having Surgery on the 10th of July and will be down for the count about 14 days.

At work I was given a promotion, they hired a guy to do my old job, I trained him for 2 months and he quit today. So I called a few people and got a hold of my friend Jarred. I asked him if he still wanted a new job, he said yes and I told my boss that he was coming in the next morning. Form the sounds of it he will get the job....I hope so because I don't want to do my old job anymore.

Gaming as been a little crazy for me. Over the last few months I have been involved in 6ish games. The first is the D&d game I was running until the Campaign ended with two artifacts of different creator beings clashing together causing their destruction and the area around them. I started and quit a game ran by my friend Tony. I started playing in an Exalted game run by my friend Kyle as well as running a side character for my self and him. My friend Zach is running a Werewolf: The Forsaken game, in which my character was killed and I made a new more badass character. In addition to all that gaming my friend Gustalf suckered me in to a game of the new Starwars Saga...it is a "All DM's Game" so that the people who are always running can play to.

I talked with my mother on Mothers Day. She took it upon her self to get tossed and go to a movie later that evening. he sounded like he was having a very good time, which is great for he since her life has been crazy lately.

Sara just finished this term of school and I think she got A's in all of her classes..the verdict has not been seen by me as of yet. She is taking a break from real schooling over the summer while she recuperates from surgery. but in the mean time he has been taking some other more fun classes and joined a few fringe groups to expand her horizons (I full support her endeavors even is she thinks I am a know it all...).

Oh ya I started smoking again...*shrug*

Well thats my update, it was random and lifelike. See ya!
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Game Storm [Apr. 1st, 2007|10:44 pm]
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[music |They keyboard (My Clicking Fingers)]

SO this weekend was a convention for all those super geeks. Game Storm 9 was fun and all but I missed almost every event I signed up for. Getting up in time to play the games was a major factor since I stayed up all night every night playing Gas Wars. Gas Wars Made the convention for me, for a time it rocked hard core but after a while it got kinda lame. Only morbid fascination kept me playing, I wanted to see the end of that damned game.

So it turned out that the main 0bjective of the game was just a giant April fools joke and everyone who played was denied the grand prize via Intergalactic Police raid on the convention....I know this sounds retarded but it was a game about aliens landing on "Terra" to find a new fuel and engine for space transport.

I also ran a "Werewolf: The Forsaken" game, I put my player max at 5 and got 7 people. I am glad I planned ahead and created extra characters just in case this kinda thing happened. One of the extra characters was a Corrupt werewolf played by my friend. He duped all of the other players in to thinking he was there ally then killed there patron spirit right before they claimed their prize. Of course they go in to a killing frenzy and chase after him and kill him, but that was kinda th point. The games name was Moon Blind and the NPC was Stab's the Moon Blind.
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At work someone was.... [Mar. 16th, 2007|04:08 pm]
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Promoted! Guess who?!
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Illness that almost got me [Dec. 6th, 2006|12:23 pm]
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Sunday morning after a night of playing D&D and hanging out with friends, I woke up at 7 a.m. got very sick and continued to be very sick. After about 2 hours I was having difficulty walking. After another 2 hours I called Sara to take me to the emergency room. I stayed in the hospital for the rest of the day. They pumped me with two and half IV bags full of fluid to stabilize my condition. My heart rater had gone up to 149 my temperature had gone up to nearly 102 (not that high but still high enough).

The doctors, nurses and Pa.'s were all worried about me so they kept me in the hospital for hours on end. We got out of the hospital (Sara and I) at about 9ish in the evening. At this point the medications that they had given me to make me feel better wore off. I was feeling really sick again, driving around looking for a 24 pharmacy....no fun.

So it’s Wednesday I can get out of bed and post something about this illness. I have never been so sick in my entire life, EVER. If anyone who is reading this get as sick as I did go to the doctors immediately you could die from dehydration. I felt like I was going to.

I just want to say Thank you to my wonderful partner Sara for being there with me through the whole order no matter how bad things were for either of us.
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little scam [Nov. 19th, 2006|08:00 pm]
if you ever get a little post card that say soemthing to this effect:

Dear [Insert first name],

we are trying to reach you with good news! it is real important that you call toll free 1-800-963-1967.

with the adress on the back:

1383 s missouri ave
Clearwater, Fl 33756

do not cal them its a scam.

here is a site that also has found this.

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LARP upset. [Oct. 14th, 2006|02:49 pm]
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[music |Manson]

SO the LARP I have been playing in has changed hands due to an entwined set of things. One the former Head St has been evicted and he doesn't have a place to host the game.

So the game will go on even in the former head St absence. this does create a moment of hesitation as I am friends with the former head St to the game, but I also love my character more then I have loved any other Pc I have ever played.

SO I want to keep playing the game but I do not want to piss my friend off. What a poo decision. Oh well. I am going to play because I do not get the opportunity to play under any other circumstances.
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I don't know [Sep. 17th, 2006|01:41 pm]
[mood |depressedEmo]

Death Drums beat, sound is smashing souls, bashing and crashing grinding and binding from flesh to dust. Its all or bust, dirt grim and slime life lived and now its time. Move on.

In the way we live we take and give emotion and rain pours all day. The clouds are grey black and dreary, it makes they day far more weary.

Sad songs we hear, no one to hold dear, blood and pain mix with the rain will wash away the urge to care. I don't know who hold me near, who whispers sweet things in to my ear. Time will tell, with the ringing of a bell, those who know will tell you so. I do not know.
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